Obama's IRS has announced proposals designed to cripple grassroots lobbying organizations and hinder our Freedom of Speech.

And the harassment and intimidation other groups have already felt at the hands of the Obama IRS are going to be nothing compared to what's in store for us.

Unless you and I fight back now, Obama's IRS will move to completely shut us down.

Your National Right to Work Committee is on the verge of getting a roll call vote on a National Right to Work Act.

But that cannot happen unless you and I stop Obama's IRS in their tracks.

Please sign your petition below right away.

Stop the Obama IRS Assault Petition

Whereas:   The first amendment of the Constitution ensures the federal government shall not infringe on our Freedom of Speech;
Whereas:   These new regulations would strip citizens’ right from organizing communications within weeks of an election and prohibit identifying a candidate or political party who supports Big Labor's forced-dues empire;
Whereas:   Union-puppet politicians routinely vote for higher taxes, bailouts, job-killing bureaucracy and even more porkbarrel spending keeping our nation locked in recession and the people deserve to know where their legislators stand;
Whereas:   Politicians are most receptive to the will of the people just prior to an election and allowing the constituents to know where they stand is an obligation by citizen organizations;
Therefore: I urge the Federal Government to drop Regulation IR-2013-92 and its unconstitutional restriction on citizen organizations, and to cease using tax laws to suppress political speech.
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