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With President Obama serving as a guaranteed rubber stamp in the White House for at least three more years and the polls looking as they do, Big Labor is making an all-out push to hold the Senate and take the House and expand their clout in state legislatures throughout the country.

But the bureaucrats at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) won't let me tell you which candidates the National Right to Work Committee PAC supports unless you act to become a "legal member" of our organization.

If you do, the National Right to Work Committee PAC can contact you and expressly advocate for the defeat of pro-forced unionism politicians and for the election of candidates who are committed to worker freedom -- but you must make a contribution of $5 or more to become a legal member.

To become a legal member, please fill out the short form below and make a contribution $5 or more today.

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Mark Mix, President
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Because of NRTWC's tax-exempt status under IRC Sec. 501 (C) (4) and its state and federal legislative activities, contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions (IRC § 170) or as a business deduction (IRC § 162(e)(1).