Dear Concerned American,

Just recently, President Obama put the finishing touches on a new “package deal” of National Labor Relations Board nominees for the U.S. Senate to confirm.

Should he succeed in confirming these radical appointees, every outrageous decision the union-label NLRB has issued in the last 16 months will effectively be rubber-stamped!

The truth is, Obama’s NLRB is a politicized, rogue agency and simply MUST be shut down until you and I can realistically hope this board will operate in a legitimate fashion.

That’s why you and I have to work IMMEDIATELY to mobilize Americans to turn the heat up on Senator McConnell and the U.S. Senate at once.

So please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY!

Mark Mix
Mark Mix
President, Right to Work Committee

NO DEALS Petition

Whereas:   Obama’s NLRB has been working feverishly rewriting American labor law to give Big Labor more power, more dues and more political clout; and
Whereas:   U.S. Supreme Court case over Obama’s unconstitutional “recess” appointments -- made while Congress was in session – likely waits in the wings; and
Whereas:   President Obama’s “package deal” includes Sharon Block, one of his unconstitutional appointees, Mark Pearce who kept the NLRB operating business as usual despite court rulings and Richard Griffin who is a named defendant in an ongoing Los Angeles union local’s racketeering case; and
Whereas:   The Obama NLRB has proven it’s willingness to ignore and twist the law to advance Big Labor power;
Therefore: I urge you filibuster and vote against at every opportunity confirmation any “package deal” submitted by President Obama which includes these rogue nominees.

By submitting the information below, you authorize the National Right to Work Committee to fax your No Deals petition to the offices of your Senators and Mitch McConnell.

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